The connection between digestion and the immune system

Did you know that a healthy digestive tract plays an essential role in a healthy immune system? The impact of the gut microbiota, or the microorganisms living in the intestine, extends beyond digestion to the realm of immune health, helping to protect the body against outside invaders.

It is interesting to note that most immune cells (60% to 70%) are actually located in the bowel, which means the intestinal and immune systems have to work together.

A study* published by the National Institutes of Health reports that the microbiota also regulates anti-inflammatory mechanisms and immune response. Some argue it should be considered a vital organ.

The food we eat can change the composition of intestinal flora in only 24 hours. For example, consuming foods that are high in saturated fat one day can disrupt the microbiota the next. Regular saturated fat intake can reduce the variety of microbes in the gut.

Fortunately, there are ways of reversing this decline. The same NIH study indicates that the microbiota can be restored with a diet that is higher in fibre and lower in fat. Eating more fruit, vegetables, pulses and nuts is the key to increasing fibre intake.

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