Sport, Digestion, and Immune Health

Exercise and Immune System Health

Exercise has repeatedly been shown to boost the immune system. Regular physical activity can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and elevated blood pressure. Not only that but it also contributes to overall endurance, resistance and flexibility. 

From a prevention perspective, exercise is essential in keeping bones strong and warding off osteoporosis. The muscle strength you build up when you work out can also alleviate chronic joint inflammation and contribute to a healthy digestive system. 


Exercise and Digestive Health

Regular exercise helps improve blood flow throughout the body, and the digestive system in particular. When you engage in physical activity, your intestinal muscles contract, which encourages nutrient absorption and improved digestion. 


Benefits of Exercise for Gastrointestinal Disorders

Numerous studies indicate that regular, moderate physical activity reduces the risk of developing chronic inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn’s).* For those who have already been diagnosed with Crohn’s, exercise can improve quality of life when the disease is in remission. 

People living with irritable bowel syndrome can substantially reduce the severity of their symptoms by staying physically active. Our BIOFLO 2 supplement contains cascara sagrada bark, which can be helpful in relieving occasional constipation and facilitating intestinal evacuation. As explored in a previous blog article, there is a direct link between a healthy gut and a healthy immune system. Hence the importance of keeping active when the colder weather hits! 

*Centre for Physical Exercise and Nutrition Metabolism, UNESP School of Medicine, Public Health Department, Botucatu City, São Paulo State, Brazil.

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