Anxiety and Your Immune System

It’s not unusual to experience anxiety at certain points in your life or even at more regular intervals. Anxiety can affect you as an individual or be more widespread in scope. However, prolonged bouts can have negative repercussions on both your mental and your physical health.

People living with chronic anxiety are more likely to contract various infections and illnesses. It is important to realize that stress is not the cause of these conditions, but it can act as an accelerant by weakening your body’s natural defenses. Multiple studies* have shown that higher levels of anxiety are often accompanied by a marked decrease in the number of blood cells that help stave off infection, thus compromising immune response.

Some medicinal herbs like chamomile and valerian root can be part of a broader solution to alleviate anxiety. Several scientific papers** have confirmed the calming effects of valerian, which has been used as a trusted remedy for centuries.

Our new product, NERVO-TON SUPREME, contains valerian root and may be helpful in easing restlessness and relaxing the nervous system. It is specially formulated with a combination of herbal ingredients to help balance your mood and improve sleep quality.


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