Slide ACTUMUS supports an initiative that helps teenage girls aged 12 to 17 years old to adopt an active lifestyle, for life!

In October, to celebrate women’s health month, ACTUMUS will donate money to an organization which mission is to support schools with tools and resources to help young teenage girls aged 12 to 17 to adopt an active lifestyle, for life!

To thank you for your contribution to this initiative, La Boite Essentielle is offering you their latest innovation for free, a bubble bath bar!

When buying $100 or more of your favorite ACTUMUS products this month, you will participate in this amazing initiative since we will donate $10 to the initiative!

Thanks to La Boite Essentielle:

  1. Local company located in the Eastern Townships
  2. All their skin and face products are natural and limit the use of packaging
  3. Their new bubble bath bar, easy to use, helps to hydrate the skin at bathtime

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