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“Heal with the power of nature”

Actumus is dedicated to delivering whole products that are intuitively suited for optimal health. Nothing is ever synthetic, standardized, or isolated; therefore first-rate quality is maintained.

Integrative Nutrition…Sense in the nature of science

Supplements, while targeted for specific purposes, have inclusive functions and benefits taking into consideration the body’s symbiotic relationships making them easily consumable.

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  • Pure
  • Whole
  • Wild
  • Organic
  • Rich in essential minerals, nutrients, and enzymes
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  • Non-Standardized
  • Non-Synthetic
  • Non-Isolated
  • Non-Refined

Actumus meets health Canada standards and US Food and Drug Administration

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Dis-ease stems from unhealthy and unstable cells

Actumus products were designed to work with human cells, nourishing them and cleansing them. As the human body is designed to metabolize plants, micronutrients in our products are easily assimilated making a deep tissue cleanse and overall healing possible.


Quality Control

At Actumus, we travel far and wide in search of the highest quality wild ingredients. Collecting these plants in their natural environment ensures they provide the highest degree of therapeutic efficacy. In the absence of wild herbs, organic herbs containing no genetic manipulation or chemical interventions are favored.


Extraction Process:

Dehydrating herbs at 37°C and by using calculated methods of hot and cold extraction, Actumus secures all raw elements (active ingredients) of the plants used and maintains their full active benefits.

Water or alcohol, closed-circuit percolation and maceration are used to extract active ingredients from our herbs.


These are quickly assimilated by the body making them ideal for focusing on specific trouble areas; and are especially efficient when integrated into a cleansing protocol.


Derived from whole herbs. Simple alternative to some of the powdered products.


A complete complement to a busy lifestyle. A true concentrate food that quickly feeds the body with all essential nutrients required daily.


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