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Since we are committed to make our products widely available, we have a network of therapists who are dedicated to providing the best to their customers. Actumus is proud to be an authentic and accessible company on which distributors can count on.

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Actumus offers a wide range of effective and unique products made with all the integrity and purity of their ingredients. Our supplements are composed of living food. Order and use our products and you will notice the benefits they provide.

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At Actumus, we see health as an inheritance (legacy). Our premium, nutrient-dense products have the strength that is needed to be  bioavailable to the body. We offer whole food based supplements that are made from the pure state of the plant.  

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Actumus is inspired by the words “active” and “humus”. In the soil, humus is the most active part. It contains rich and essential nutrients for growth.

At Actumus, we are committed to offer products that are full of that natural knowledge. It all started 20 years ago when Christian Limoges, already equipped with clinical experience, noticed a lack in the market of quality products that contained the strength and bioavailability of nutrients required for his patients.

This observation led him to formulate premium, high-performance products. He does not refrain on quality and applies himself to search the purest plant. Even today, he continues to perfect his formula to maintain a high standard of quality.

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