The body accumulates toxins and wastes that come from foods that we do not digest. Because we are not what we eat but the result of what we do not digest: the resulting waste ends up sticking and creating congestion, pollution, insufficient intestinal movement, a body full of waste is like a fish in it’s dirty water. The detox cleanses the water so that the fish (cells) of the aquarium (body) has energy to perform the required tasks.

Fatigue, lack of energy, sleep disturbances, general uneasiness

These are all normal symptoms of detox, acids and toxins are circulating in the body causing discomfort. These symptoms do not last. It is good to aim for better elimination than detoxification to avoid symptoms.

Each person is different, it depends on the vitality and the ability of the body to manage toxins, it’s different for everyone.

How can herbs help me in my journey towards optimal health?
Herbs are super foods for the body’s cells, they come to support, clean, feed and regenrerate your cells

During a consultation, the Naturopath is equipped to give you recommendations adapted to your personal needs.

The accumulation of acids and toxins take away your body’s vitality, therefore making your body slughish

Certainly, we will give you a food plan adapted to your needs.

Absolutely, we are going for a personalized approach.

We create a plan tailored to your needs.

On the contrary, you might need some getting used to but the aim is a greater vitality.

We invite you to consult your doctor at first and then we propose to meet a natoropath.

Often and we have good results with our food program and our herbs.

At all ages, it is never too early or too late to restore the body’s vitality.

Our goal is to restore the energy to the cells of our body , so any time is appropriate for the quest of well-being!

No, We work with a personalized questionnaire.

An imbalance grows in an acidic and toxic body, so we work to restore your body’s pH to a more alkaline environment.